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The Wazi Campaign On TED Talks

The Wazi Campaign Project Director,Lara Mastropasqua, was one of the speakers in the TEDx Kenyatta University talk the 22nd of February,2013. Other speakers included John Githongo of Uongozi, Tindi Ndunda of Storymoja and Tonee Ndung’u of NaiLab.

The theme of the event was ‘The Melting Pot: Peace through Cultural Diversity’ that sought to avert a repeat of the bloodletting that Kenya witnessed following the 2007 General Elections.

TEDx KenyattaUniversity Agenda

The Wazi Campaign K24 Interview

This was a live interview on the morning news show with Lara Mastropasqua, Project Director, The Wazi Campaign and Henry Kuria, Manager, Democracy and Governance Platform, Act!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2


The Wazi Campaign PSAs  on KTN Morning Express : Lifestyle Segment with Tamima

Title: Have you committed to peace yet?


Posted On: www.capitalfm.co.ke

Date Posted: February 28th, 2013

So much has been said, about peace, and with the elections just days away, can it ever be enough?

On Monday, as a Kenyan, you must be ready to not only say peace, but practice it and even enforce it if it is in your power to do so.

Several of Kenya’s top celebrities have come together in a television message calling for peace ahead of the next elections, shot by Nairobi Half Life Director Tosh Gitonga.

Nameless, Patricia Amira, Charles Bukeko, Pinki Ghelani, Wilfred Bungei, Jimmi Gathu, Ian Mbugua, Susana Owiyo, John Sibi Okumu, Habida, Boniface Mwangi, Leonard Mambo Mbotela, Juliani, and Octopizzo are all part of the campaign.

“We wanted to make the point that peace brings people from all walks of life together regardless of age, occupation, ethnicity, gender…just as we can see in the message we shot. As the camera keeps moving forward in the video message, so does life after elections” says Tosh Gitonga.

Hip Hop star Octopizzo, feels peace is a must for Kenya.

“I participated in the video because during the last election I was affected directly by the violence that hit the country and especially my hood, Kibera. I support peace and encourage it for the safety of my daughter, and the children and people of Kenya.”

“Everyone was enthusiastic about the idea and all gave of their time without getting paid anything at all…and it just goes to show how everybody is making peace their priority right now,” said Lara Mastropasqua, the Wazi Campaign’s Project Director.

The Wazi Campaign is being supported by all the local television broadcasters and Fox cinemas.

Have you committed to peace?


Title: The Wazi Campaign.Encouraging Harmonious Coexistence Among Communities.

Posted By: Joemakeit

Posted On: www.kenyaplex.com
Date Posted: 10/3/2012 2:34:12 AM


It’s a fact that no man is an island.We need each other and united we stand,divided we fall.The wazi campaign emphasizes on the importance of communities to shun hatred and tribalism.The campaign has a slogan that states,’Kenya ni jina,nchi ni wewe’,meaning,the word Kenya is just a name but the country is you and me,its citizens.We should therefore always embrace peace because in its absence,we will all be negatively affected in one way or another and that’s a fact.


Title: The Wazi Campaign

Posted By: African Digital Art

Posted On: www.africandigitalart.com
Date Posted: 10/3/2012 2:34:12 AM

To promote unity and discourage tribal issues – Wazi is a new PSA campaign that urges Kenyan’s to look past their differences as everyone matters. Conceptual art by Noah Mukono, Character design and produced by Gado (Godfrey Mwampembwa) and VFX and direction from Peter Mute. (audio in Swahili)

“This Public Service Announcement (PSA) is the first in a series that falls under The Wazi Campaign. It was produced for television with the aim of promoting unity and cooperation amongst different ethnic groups in Kenya. Following several decades of ethnic dispute which has resulted at times in outright violence, such as during the presidential elections of 2007, this PSA seeks to promote unity in diversity.”


Executive Producer: Lara Mastropasqua
Director/Co-Producer: Peter Mute
Producer: Godfrey Mwampembwa
Voice Director/Voice of Mzee: Edward Khaemba
Sound Engineer: Kibby Kenneth
Character and Concept Artist: Noah Mukono
Visual effects and Animation: Magiqmud


Title: Multi-media platforms will help promote peaceful campaigns


Posted On: www.coastweek.com

Date Posted: December 14 – 20, 2012

NAIROBI (Xinhua) – The Kenyan government has partnered with civil society lobbies and leading media houses to spread messages of peaceful campaigns and national cohesion using animated cartoons and theater performances.

Speaking during the launch of the Wazi Campaign on Thursday, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Information and Communication Bitange Ndemo said the multimedia platforms including short films and stage performances will be used to spread messages of peace, unity and good governance as campaigns for the March 2013 general election gather steam.

“As we head towards the next elections, part of the efforts of the government is to ensure that elections are free and fair and devoid of any violence. Towards that end, we are working with various organizations, particularly media groups to publish and air messages that encourage positive behavior before, during and after the elections,” Ndemo told journalists on Thursday.

The Wazi campaign utilizes both traditional and new media platforms including television, internet and animations to convey messages of peace and civic responsibility as Kenya prepares for a land mark general election next year.

A Kenyan nongovernmental organization Act, Change and Transform (ACT) has partnered with the government and major broadcast media houses alongside Fox cinemas to implement the Wazi campaign.

Ndemo stressed that the government will utilize innovative media platforms to reach out to the public with messages of peace and national unity in this campaign season.

“New forms of media are critical in disseminating peaceful campaign messages to the youth whose role in the electoral process is immense. The Wazi campaign will raise the bar in promoting civil and organized debates as the campaign season kicks off,” Ndemo remarked.

Kenyan civil society lobbies have joined forces with the government to reach out to grassroots communities with message of peace, national reconciliation and unity as the east African nation heads towards a hotly contested general election in March 2013.

The ACT’s CEO Anthony Kariuki reiterated that the success of next year’s general election hinged on peaceful and orderly campaigns.

“Through our partners, we shall work round the clock to encourage all Kenyans to vote peacefully and respect their neighbors regardless of their political affiliation. The success of forthcoming elections is critical to Kenya ’s future, especially the achievement of vision 2030,” Kariuki remarked.

The Wazi Campaign will involve production of six animated public service announcements to be broadcast by Kenya ’s leading television stations that have donated free air time to the project.

According to Lara Mastropasqua, Wazi’s project director, the public service announcements touches on a variety of issues that are integral to a democratic and peaceful electoral process.

Mastropasqua told Xinhua that topics to be covered in the new campaign include national cohesion, leadership and integrity, devolution and the fight against corruption.

She said that a printed version of each public service announcement will be distributed to Kenyans through stage performances in rural areas and informal settlements.

“The Wazi campaign has sought to be original and inspiring, and that is why animated story telling is being used as an instrument to reach people of all ages. The creative teams who are doing the 3D animation are pushing the boundaries of what has traditionally been done in public messaging,” Mastropasqua said.


Title: Animated PSA for Peace

Posted By: UP Magazine

Posted On: On: www.upnairobi.com
Date Posted: February 8th, 2013

Three birds fight over who will build its nest on the branch of a tree. In a race between two tortoises, one uses a shortcut to reach the finish line. These are just two of the six animated “Wazi Campaign” Public Service Announcements (PSAs) currently airing across Kenyan television stations. Created by Buni and supported through the Kenya Civil Society Strengthening Program(KCSSP) funded by USAID and DFID, the campaign aims to inspire Kenyans to embrace peaceful elections and promote good governance.

“The idea for the campaign was born in 2006. The inspiration is the belief that change happens one person at a time. Each one of us is responsible for our own transformation, which in turn can transform the society we live in,” shares Project Director, Lara Mastropasqua. The PSAs, running between December 1st 2012 and August 2013, are in the form of cartoon characters and animals—an unusual method for a campaign that targets adults of voting age. Lara explains, “We wanted to make sure people would remember the message.” As the scenarios play out, a sagacious male narrator cautions against the negative behavior on display.

He is later on revealed to be a mzee (old man) who appears at the end of each PSA to reiterate the campaign’s slogan, “Kenya ni Jina, Nchi ni Wewe” (Kenya is just a name, you are the country). Lara reveals that, while PSAs don’t change the way people think overnight, she hopes that this one will stir up positive debates among Kenyans. “It’s akin to planting a seed. It takes time for that seed to grow.” Catch the Wazi shorts on KBC, Kiss TV, Citizen, NTV, QTV and KTN as well as Fox theatres after the national anthem. Find it on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter as “The Wazi Campaign”.


Title: Wazi Campaign for Peaceful Elections

Posted By: Aventh

Posted On: bake.or.ke

Date Posted: March 1, 2013 – 5:43pm

The Wazi Campaign is a nationwide public awareness initiative launched ahead of Kenya’s March 2013 elections that uses Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to educate citizens on issues such as corruption, leadership and integrity, peaceful elections, national cohesion, and devolution. The animated cartoon PSAs are being aired on television stations in Kenya, as well as shared via the internet through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The Wazi PSA Campaign forms part of the project “Public Awareness Campaign for Kenya: Promoting Peaceful Coexistence Amongst Different Ethnicities,” and is implemented by Act! and its Kenya Civil Society Strengthening Program (KCSSP). It is funded by the United States Agency for International development (USAID) and the Department for International Development (DFID).
Communication Strategies:
The PSAs are designed to promote ethnic tolerance and national cohesion, raise awareness on certain rights that Kenyans have under the new Constitution, and communicate mechanisms that are available to Kenyans to enforce their rights and to hold their duty bearers accountable. The slogan for the campaign is “Kenya Ni Jina, Nchi Ni Wewe” (Kenya’s just a name, you are the country). In order to assess the impact of the campaign a baseline survey was conducted before the PSAs were produced and aired.
The produced PSAs include the following.

  • National Cohesion and Integration: The first in the series, this PSA focuses on promoting unity and cooperation amongst different ethnic groups in Kenya.
  • Fighting Corruption: The second PSA in the Wazi campaign series tackles the issue of corruption vs. integrity, encouraging people to walk a path of integrity as opposed to making corruption a way of life.
  • Leadership & Voting Responsibly: The third PSA encourages Kenyans to examine their leaders, and vote responsibly, not along tribal lines.
  • Celebrities United For Peaceful Elections: According to the Wazi campaign, this PSA was neither planned or budgeted for, but was initiated by celebrities who wanted to add their voice for peaceful elections.


Title: Why Kenya’s Presidential Debates Will Flop Badly

Posted By: Bryan Tumwa

Kenya’s much hyped idea of importing American-style town hall presidential debates to the local political process in order to raise the perfect president is by all means a brilliant initiative that will sadly amount to naught.

The Kenyan version of the debates faces monumental logistical nightmares right from the start since the number of political parties involved and their presidential candidates are to say the least unprecedented. There are no pre- existing structures to ensure the debate is conducted in the most professional way possible apart from the one that was hastily created by the originators of the idea- the major Kenyan media companies.

Eight television stations and 32 radio stations announced the venture for an unprecedented simultaneous broadcast of live debates to be aired on November 26, followed by the second on January 14, 2013 and the third and final one on February 11, 2013.

But I don’t believe the intended purpose of the debates will be realized, not even by a long shot. Presidential debates have had an arguably huge role to play in propelling candidates to the white house in the United States, but how exactly does this play out?

These structured events were designed for the undecided voters who do not lean either side of the political divide during the campaign period. This might best explain why after every debate session in the United States, the tilting advantage between the Democratic and Republican candidate is usually a few percentage points in favor of the best debater.

Consider the case of Kenya where tribe is the single largest unifying aspect during political contest. Undecided voters do not come into play. The country is ethnically polarized so much so that the political atmosphere will barely change on account these diversionary events in the name of debates. Creating a culture of ideological politics will take much more than a trifecta of debates to cause a stirring in that direction.

That is why I want to highlight the more practical media initiatives that have and are continuing to make a brilliant case for better inculcation of issue based politics as opposed to tribal based politics.

The first one is The Wazi Campaign which is a media campaign that has been running on the mainstream media for quite some time now. Its slogan is aptly put: “Kenya ni jina. Nchi ni wewe. ” This is perhaps the more home grown solution to the immediate problem in our politics; ethnic tolerance. Behind the three multicolored animated birds and their eggs is a more profound revelation that we rise together as a nation and fall divide as a nation. It is a very effective way of preaching peace and creating a spirit of communal cooperation.


The second initiative, which is a very powerful one, is the Uongozi initiative that has been put together by several stakeholders including Inuka Kenya and Posta Kenya. The Campaign is centered around a fourteen part political reality show which seeks to identify potential new and young political leaders through a virtual media election vehicle. The show hasn’t started as yet, but the initiators of the whole campaign have a good plot there.


Other initiatives like the Bunge la Mwananchi that has activities and constructive meetings in the grassroots is also a more practical way of slowly developing a healthy attitude among voters as regards electing good national and county leaders. TV programmes like the Classmates, which portrays the diversity in a multicultural setting in Kenya, preach towards ethnic tolerance, which is good in defusing the tribal tensions. Musicians who sing patriotic songs to unite Kenyans are also being powerful ambassadors and their efforts will always pay off.


Unfortunately, poverty still remains the second most compromising weapon for leaders who have no agenda for the country. Whoever will figure out how to convince the electorate that receiving T- Shirts,Lessos, money and other gifts in exchange for votes is political fraud will have addressed the other half of the problem.


But for presidential debates, it is a long shot, at least for now to expect anything more than good old fashioned entertainment as the outcome. At worst, the divisions could widen further because of the increased euphoria for the different candidates from their backgrounds.

Title: Ministry to unveil peace campaign ahead of polls

Posted By: Abdi Ibrahim Dika

Posted On: nairobi.hivisasa.com

Date Posted: 5 December, 2012 – 17:40

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MOIC) is set to launch Wazi Peace Campaign to foster peaceful coexistence ahead of the March 4, 2013 General Election.

In a press statement issued today, MOIC said that it is committed to ensuring that the country remains peaceful in the run up to the polls.

Wazi Peace Campaign is a nationwide public awareness campaign which uses the best in 3-D animation to convey messages of peace and good governance through 60 seconds Public Service Announcements produced mainly for television. The PSA is produced by Buni and implemented by Kenyan NGO Act.

The campaign also counts with the support of the MOIC which promotes peace ahead of next polls.

This is among many peace initiatives undertaken by corporate organizations and Government agencies.

Kenya Network for Media is planning a peace forum ahead of polls.


Title: Peace Campaign Launched


Posted On: THE STAR

Date Posted: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2012 – 09:00

A nationwide public awareness campaign that uses 3D animation to convey messages of peace and good governance is being launched this morning. The Wazi Campaign is supported by various media houses that will be airing positive messages ahead of the general election.


Title: TV Peace Campaign Launched

Posted By: Della Mbaya

Posted On: Published on Thursday, 06 December 2012 11:51

With general elections coming up, a nationwide public awareness campaign using 3 D Animation to convey messages of peace and good governance has been launched.
Speaking during the morning event, Information PS Bitange Ndemo said that the government is committed to ensuring elections are free, fair and devoid of violence.
The Wazi campaign, an initiative of local NGO ACT is running free of charge on local TV stations, and Wazi project director Lara Mastropasque says that radio will soon follow on.
ACT says that a successful General Election is crucial to the country’s development goals.

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