Welcome To The Wazi Campaign

Welcome To The Wazi Campaign -

A Child Of A Luo; A Son Of Kenya


I am a Luo. I attended my early primary education in Kisii and indeed got many friends there. Later, I went to a school in Kericho, where I had many nice memories with great Kalenjin friends. My Secondary education was in Nairobi, a truly cosmopolitan city . And when it was time to go for higher education, I went to a university in a Kikuyu neighborhood! I got many bosom Kikuyu buddies and some of my business partners come from Mt. Kenya!

All these years, I never had a problem with these diversities in culture and tribes I have encountered. And I won’t start having them now. And, knowing that your life has a similar diversity, I would advise you keep the peace and shun tribal violence before, on and after March 4th.

Yours Truly,
A Child Of A Luo, But A Son Of Kenya

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