Welcome To The Wazi Campaign

Welcome To The Wazi Campaign -

Uhuru, Mudavadi, Raila Then What??

This month, politics of coalitions and ‘tribal’ maths have dominated airwaves! Yet, similar passions in 2007/2008 made Kenya to burn! But, in 2013, The Wazi Campaign would like to ensure that, even with the elections, we have the most peaceful year EVER!

To achieve this,we have created a great series of TV ads that are now available on YouTube on www.youtube.com/user/thewazicampaign

We are also using Facebook and Twitter to raise an army of Peace Ambassadors between now and 2013. To be a Wazi Peace Crusader 2013, Like our Facebook Page on www.facebook.com/thewazicampaign or Follow Us on Twitter on www.twitter.com/thewazicampaign.

Let’s go on and remind everyone that Kenya Ni Jina, Nchi Ni Wewe!

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