Welcome To The Wazi Campaign

Welcome To The Wazi Campaign -

A Moment of Silence For Kenyans

A moment of silence for the man who was stoned to death for stealing a mobile phone yet politicians rob millions from tax payers.
A moment of silence for the Tana river victims, our fallen soldiers and bereaved families yet MPs want state funerals.

A moment of silence for our brothers and sisters who passed away during the post election violence while the perpetrators toss a wine glass in the comfort of their homes.

A moment of silence for the Freedom fighters who did not get a retirement package, men who endured the cold, overcame their fears as they envisioned a new Kenya.

A moment of silence as i pray for this country. But i know prayer alone will not change things…faith without action is dead…March 4th i will act!!

When looking votes, they divide us along tribal lines. When sharing
the cake, they are one. And we fall for it.

Security for them and none in Tana, Baragoi and everywhere else!!

Diplomatic passports and armed guards after they have created insecurity and divided Kenyans?

This is Kenya today, but it does not need to be the Kenya of March 5th! To achieve Vision 2030, you have to Vote Wisely?!

Wazi Wakenya

Corruption is the second major pillar of the Wazi Campaign. So, on December 2012,  we launched our second Public Service Announcement on corruption http://youtu.be/7z3Z8uUxIo4 .


We chose animations because we believe that corruption will not be eradicated by simply shaming the corrupt, but by inspiring the population to embrace integrity. Understand today that the story of corruption can only end when you refuse to give a bribe, either in secret or in the open

And these we say against the backdrop of these two facts:

  • 56% of Kenyans under pressure to engage in corruption on daily basis
  • While 58.1% of Kenyans tolerate the pressure to be corrupt

Every time a Kenyan fights for integrity and shuns corruption, another Kenyan is inspired to do the same. That is why today we leave you with this quote:  How will he be corrupt if you don’t bribe him?

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